Tailored Care For Children Of All Ages

If you’re after childcare in Albury that goes beyond plain menus and standard toy rooms and outdoor play equipment, then you’ll find it at Thurgoona Early Learning!

Outdoor Play Areas

Our Centre is being specifically designed to excite little ones while teaching them important life skills. Our huge wild and natural outdoor play area will encourage children to explore, discover, and of course have fun! It will feature almost 1400m2 of gardens, bike tracks and sand pits. It will also have an amazing SunSmart waterpark to keep children cool over the hot summer, which will convert to a multi-purpose play area in the cooler months. 

We will also have a ‘farm stay’ style barnyard full of birds, chickens and reptiles. The children will be able to help feed and interact with them, all the while learning about the wonders of their natural environment.

Indoor Environments

While outdoor play is a focus of our Centre, our indoor learning areas will certainly not be neglected! Our purpose-built rooms will be filled with sunlight, and have fixtures made from natural materials including tables, chairs, bookshelves and cushions. 

Our state-of-the art resources will cater for all development stages and include the latest computer technology and interactive whiteboards. 

Delicious Menus

Nutrition is vital for a child’s wellbeing, and at Thurgoona Early Learning we will provide a mixture of gourmet and home-style cooking every day! Our menus will been designed to provide fresh and healthy meals, including dishes like sushi, curries, stir fries, grilled fish with mash and roast beef with vegies. Yum!

Outside, our alfresco outdoor dining area will be surrounded by a lush Green Zone with a Great Aussie BBQ area and our very own herb garden, where children can tend to the plants we’ll include in our delicious menus.

“It’s about creating an environment where children thrive. Where they can wander, be left alone for more than five minutes, sleep in a tent or on the ground if they want and pretend to stare at the stars in the sky”.
Tanya Sanders – Centre Director

Our Rooms

Your child is on a wonderful developmental journey that starts at birth and as they learn and develop, equips them with the knowledge and skills they need for a life filled with amazing possibilities.


Babies at this age need a safe, nurturing and fun environment to start their day care experience. Our educators offer a warm, loving approach that will suit your baby’s routine and meet your baby’s individual needs. Our two Nursery Rooms will cater for 12 children in each - the first for children aged from six weeks to 12 months, the second for children aged 12 months to 2 years.


During the exciting toddler years, children need opportunities for growth that encourage confidence, curiosity and a love of learning. Our centre will offer a wonderland of play-based early learning experiences and environments, from our curriculums to our indoor and outdoor play areas. Our two Toddlers Rooms will cater for 15 children in each aged from 2 to 3 years.


At this age, we will encourage your child’s further growth and development with fun and stimulating activities and experiences that will build social, emotional and physical confidence. We will also get them excited about preparing for school and comfortable in a classroom environment, where they will engage in learning with their carers and peers. Our Juniors Room will cater for 20 children aged three to four years.


With school on the horizon, we will encourage your child to confidently engage in learning with their carers and peers in a classroom environment. We will offer fun and stimulating experiences and activities that encourage their further growth and development, which will build physical, emotional and social confidence. Our Preschool Room will cater for 20 children aged four to five years.